Gardening Club News for April 2019

Is ‘Your Garden a Paradise for Birds?’  This was the title of the last Garden Club meeting held in the Three Daggers Brewery on the 4th. April. Christine  Johnson came with slides and lots of information about encouraging birds to your garden.

It is estimated that £200 million is spent on bird food, so lots of us are helping to keep the bird population healthy especially as there have been a great loss of green spaces around the country with lots of land being concreted over.   We praise the farmers for their efficiency but this means little seed is lost so less food for the birds in the fields. Farmers are not allowed to hedges from spring until late summer so not to disturb nesting, we should do the same.   There has been a decline in many species, house sparrows, thrushes and 80%decline in the starling population, many of those you see in the winter are from abroad, just here for the season.

There are lots we can do to help, provide water, food, shelter and nest sites in evergreens, feed nuts, seed, fat and mealworms to attract a variety. Any nest boxes should face north/east away from disturbance and a least six foot of the ground, keep those cats away.                                                                                          

To  encourage birds we also need insects so try not to use chemicals on the plants, keep some ivy around for winter nectar and leave flower heads on. Garden for wildlife so do not be too tidy.                                                                        

Enjoy your spring   and why not visit our Garden Club.                                      

The next meeting will be our A.G.M.and a visit from florist Lucy Bates.              

May 2nd  at the Parish Hall at earlier time of 7.15pm.