Edington and Tinhead WI – February News

The WI members have a confession to make – we sometimes drink wine at our meetings!   Perhaps we didn’t realise exactly how many times we do partake of the odd glass or two until we listened to the Committee’s report on our activities at our recent Annual Meeting.  The word ‘wine’ seemed to be mentioned in almost every paragraph and whilst we certainly don’t want people to think that we overdo it, we do want to point out that we know how to enjoy ourselves!


The Annual Meeting in February is the time for reflection on what we have achieved over the last year, the local charities and activities that we have supported, the funds that we have raised for those less fortunate than ourselves, the events we have been on and the entertaining speakers who have enlightened us.  We have learned how to sing in harmony, made Venetian carnival masks, taken a virtual visit through Myanmar, learned about the history of Knees stores, marvelled over the creativeness of the fashion students from Kingdown School and welcomed January in with a wine and cheese tasting event.


February’s meeting is also the month when we look forward to the challenges of the forthcoming year and, with two of our Committee members having stepped down – many thanks to Sarah and Sandra for their sterling work – we are now working out how we are going to share the tasks that need doing with only one new replacement, Sue Zaman.


However, our members always rise to the occasion when asked and we look forward to continuing to offer current members, and prospective new ones, the opportunity to learn new skills, to take part in a wide variety of activities as well as enjoy the companionship that friends, old and new, have to offer.  We might just have to do it with a little less wine that’s all.


Next month’s meeting is about the Mercy Ships organisation, which raises funds to pay for essential medical supplies and ship repairs to support the team of nurses, doctors, surgeons and other crew members from all over the world, who donate their time to help on board the world’s largest non-governmental floating hospital.  Please do come along on Tuesday 14 March at 7:30pm to hear all about the incredible work that is performed by these teams who sail directly to some of the world’s poorest people to deliver life-saving medical care and provide safe, state-of-the-art facilities in which to treat them.