Edington Parish Council November News

The following planning applications have been received: –

i. PL/2022/08302/TCA – Proposed Works to Trees: G1 – Row of Conifers – Crown raise by removing the lower smaller diameter branches at Peppercorn Cottage Charlton Hill for Mr Martin

ii. PL/2022/08547 Fell variegated Maple. The tree is growing up to the shed and will eventually push it over the tree is close to the edge of the deck. Beech – reduce crown by 2.5 meters. the tree is overhanging the guttering at the front of the house at 1 / 2 Charlton Hill for Mrs Anne Ilsley

iii. PL/2022/07631/FUL Erection of new detached dwelling house and detached garage. Resubmission of approved application 19/00222/FUL and approved Non-Material Amendment at Land off Court lane, for Mr Elliott.

At its meeting in November the Parish Council discussed the proposed new permissive path between the top of Monastery Road and the kissing gate opposite The City. The Council expressed their thanks to the land owner offering the use of the land for a path as it will remove the hazardous stretch of road that pedestrians have to use at present. The Council will now work with the land owner to establish the path in the coming year.

The Christmas Tree on the play field will appear again this year kindly donated by the Edington Farm Shop. We are planning to have the official turning on of the lights on Friday 9th December at 6.30pm when the Bratton Training Band will again be performing a selection of Christmas music including aiding the singing of Christmas Carols.