Edington and District Gardening Club – March news

At the March meeting 21 members had a very informative talk from Richard Cripps discussing the basics of vegetable growing, replacing the original talk on unusual veg due to a technical problem. With news that we are to now eat 10 portions of fruit or veg the topic was much appreciated.

Soils vary, so nitrogen is needed for leafy growth, phosphate for root growth, potash for flowering and fruiting, good manure is always welcome and a good irrigation system is a great help. Well stored seeds ie. remaining ‘live’ are essential and read the labels on the packets. ‘Heritage’ seeds, usually tasty, full flavour and disease resistant are best, plant what you like to eat. Sow the seeds in pots first for the number of plants you need, and stagger the planting and use a sharp hoe between the plants when planted out. If mulching is done use hardwood chips on veg and pinewood on heathers. Oak and beech leaves are best, but shred the rest first. If rotating crops then group into Potatoes, roots, sweetcorn, spinach. Peas, beans, onions, leeks, lettuce. Brassicas, turnips, swedes. The permanent bed has rhubarb, artichoke, herbs, asparagus, runner beans.

If you have any excess plants please keep them for the Plant Stall at the Fair for June 10th

Popular plants this year are Burdock, Yard long beans if showing, Rapunzel tomato – long vines.
A tip, if the cow parsley is in flower then the carrot root fly is about!

Next month, April 6th: the speaker is Roger Hirons talking on ‘Unusual plants available to the British Gardener’

Do look at the village web page for details of our trips this summer, also open to non-members.
We welcome anyone to come along as a visitor to enjoy the speaker and refreshments with us.
Jacky Hiscock (Chairman) 830133 for any further info.