Speedwatch managed to squeeze 9 sessions in this month all of which the weather was cold but relatively fine for.

We managed to catch 35 speeders, all of whom will be receiving letters, there were no speeders requiring visitations this time as the maximum speed recorded was 42 mph. 1459 vehicles in total were counted during these sessions which still gives us a figure of 2% speeders through our village.

On Tuesday 20th January, we helped Wiltshire Police with Operation Harness, this consisted of a one hour session on two of our sites Monastery Road Junction and the 3 Daggers with a little help from seven Wiltshire Police personnel split between the two sites. Unfortunately there were no speeders caught at the 3 Daggers site but Monastery Road was quite busy with 6 vehicles being stopped for speeding and 1 stopped for dangerous driving. I haven’t had any feedback from the operation itself as to how successful it was, but here’s hoping there will be more later in the year when it’s a little warmer.

I would just like to take this opportunity in reminding the good people of Edington, we do not volunteer to do speed watch to spite the good people of Edington we are here to try and make our village a little safer from speeders passing through our lovely village.

We have the device every six weeks for a period of two weeks and the sessions are for 1 hour at a time, full training is given by Wiltshire police over in Devises. If anybody is interested in joining our merry band of volunteers please give me a call on 07771663890 or 01380 831029.

Many thanks

Deborah Hinton

CSW Edington Co-Ordinator